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Senseye founder David Zakariaie, age 21, won Capital Factory's first $100,000 challenge at age 19. His work with Senseye is being used by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy. And he was one of Austin Inno's 25 Under 25 in 2018.

Senseye was founded with the vision of shaping the future of computing, and that is exactly what they are doing. Inspired by the words President John F. Kennedy spoke in September 1962, when he announced that the United States would seek to send a man to the moon.  In the spirit of exploring new worlds, the company’s purpose is to work on “moonshots” much like the bold, inspiring goal to land a man on the moon, set more than 50 years ago.  A "moonshot" is defined as a project that addresses an enormous problem, proposes a radical solution and uses breakthrough technology.  Senseye lives by this philosophy and their work comprises some of the most ambitious “moonshots” ever proposed. 
Their Moonshot is human computer symbiosis – a fully developed partnership between man and machine.  They are working on building software to enable you to use your brain tomorrow the way you use a mouse and keyboard today, and hardware to enable the next generation of computing based on DNA.



You can participate in one or more of Senseye’s experiments that examine the dilation in your iris and pupil in response to cognitive and emotional processing demands.

You will participate in tasks that require you to concentrate in different ways while wearing a headset specially built to take high resolution video of your eyes. All studies require that you have normal or corrected to normal vision without glasses. If you require vision correction, please wear contact lenses.

Intervals in Flight Simulator

You will wear a Virtual Reality headset fitted with cameras that record your eyes as you participate in two tasks.
During this experiment, you will be placed in a virtual reality 360-degree environment simulating flight conditions in a plane. You will then be asked to do simple addition and subtraction in a series while enjoying the view from the air. This experiment investigates people's pupil dilation during cognitively taxing tasks in a flying scenario.
This experiment requires normal or corrected-to-normal vision without eyeglasses.
You will receive a $35 Amazon gift card for participating in this study.
Study time: 60 minutes


Juicebox Hero

As the founder of JuiceBox Hero, Laurie Felker Jones is a recognized leader for women and families. She brings nearly 20 years of experience in this arena, including designing and scaling efforts that elected more than 30 women in Texas. As a busy working mom working on women's issues, she knew intimately that her own challenges of finding childcare were likely not unique... Both her professional and personal experiences gave her the insight and know-how to create a modern way for working parents to find quality childcare -- something 11 million kids access every week in America. is a search engine and marketplace which simplifies a decision that all parents face about their children: filtering child care options in a way that is accessible, informative, and user-friendly.

Ask any new parent — or parent in general — what it’s like to line up daycare for their kiddos. Chances are, their reactions are going to vary between anger and exasperation. That’s because it’s an industry that hasn’t received the intervention of technical enhancements that many other verticals have. JuiceBox Hero, intends to fix that with a search and filtering platform that streamlines the process of locating a daycare suitable for your child.


The team comprises of other working parents like Andrea and Ada who lead support and discovery for parent and provider communities. Andrea is experienced in tech and social work. Ada is a leading expert in customer discovery and early-stage start-up strategy


Their  tech is led by Brandon Burris and Youssef Chaker. Brandon is a proven entrepreneur and full stack developer who most recently built a product with worldwide applications, including for the DOD (Army DCGS, SOCOM and the DIA). Youssef has been involved with startups as a founder, fractional CTO, mentor, and advisor. He is also an active contributor and leader in Austin’s Ruby on Rails community.