If you've been having trouble finding that elusive all-star job candidate, it may be time to buff up your recruitment process. And by, buff up your recruitment process, what we really mean is have you launched an employee referral program?

Implement an employee referral program.

One of the best resources for finding star hires is right in front of you- the stars you have working for you already! It's not hard to understand why this method for finding quality talent is quickly becoming one of the most popular.

Your employees know quite a lot about your company, from your values, mission statement, to the day-to-day tasks that each position entails, so it makes sense that they would know the kind of person that would thrive in the position. Your best and brightest employees are responsible, hard-working, and talented, and there's a good chance they have people in their network of friends and professional contacts that possess similar qualities.

Referral programs are also one of the best methods for reaching those passive applicants who aren't actively looking for a new job. It's hard to reach that huge pool of talent via job boards when they aren't spending any time on those sites.