As our computing systems continue to evolve, we continue to evolve with them. As a result, a growing list of programs and applications is available, each of which is designed to simplify and ease the tedium of the workload, granting us time and energy to focus on more pertinent tasks. Whichever corner of the professional world you currently focus on, there's a chance that the next shiny new piece of technology to be introduced carries with it an opportunity to streamline your work processes. Not to be left behind, HR departments across all industries are keeping with the times in ways which are not only surprising but decidedly at the front of the pack.

For people seeking employment, the arduous task of going door-to-door has been replaced with scrolling through a list of open positions on a job search engine. But with so many of these hiring platforms available, the stack of resumes is only getting taller and more daunting for recruiters. Programs like iSolved Hire serve to aggregate the results of these major platforms in one localized format, bringing the best applicants to the top of the heap. Pre-employment assessment tools, like those built into iSolved Hire, are also helping to reduce the list. By verifying and identifying upfront which applicants possess the qualities and attributes most pertintent to the position, recruiters no longer need to waste valuable time interpreting resumes or reading through professional profiles. With an option like iSolved Hire, the art of getting to the person behind the resume is quickly becoming more of a science.

Up there with the more interesting technologies to emerge in recent years is Virtual Reality. One company that was able to utilize this technology in recruiting early on was Deutsche Bahn, a German railway company. As the bulk of their workforce fast approached retirement age, Deutsche Bahn faced a potentially catastrophic disaster up ahead. But in one brilliant maneuver they averted their fate, when they started using V.R. headsets at job fairs throughout Germany. Suddenly they were able to pull in 50 to 100 applicants at every event, securing the future of their company. 

Video games have perhaps been underutilized as a means for attracting new recruits. Hospitality industry giant Marriott International decided to take the concept to its full realization in 2011 by releasing a video game of their own, which was aptly entitled MyMarriottHotel. Released to millions of potential candidates via Facebook, players were able to get a taste of what it might be like to run a hotel with respect to every aspect of the job, from training employees to the purchasing of inventory. Points are awarded in the game based on the quality of customer service. It's impossible to say who was inspired by the to apply to Marriott International after playing the game, but as a tool intended to actively engage potential employees, the game was an undeniable success.

Leaders of every industry are constantly on the lookout for new ways to connect with their customers, and technology is a link that connects us all. It doesn't take a genius to start reaping benefits from the amazing life-changing technology which seems to spring into view at every turn, but for the truly innovative, ever-emerging technology is an untapped resource harnessing the potential to change an entire industry.