In a strong economy, employers may struggle to attract the key talent they require to keep growing. Texas, and specifically Austin, has low unemployment and the demand for workers is strong. 

If you're an Austin employer, how do you better compete for talent and find the employees you need as your business expands? The easiest place to start is by picking off the low-hanging fruit. Most companies don't have useful metrics or tracking around their application process. They probably don't even know that this low-hanging fruit exists. On average, over 90% of job seekers who read a job ad leave without applying and over 40% of job seekers who start an employment application don't end up completing it. Those are two huge stats that are packed with low-hanging fruit. 

Start by re-examing your job ads. Really. Copying and pasting a formal job description onto a job board is one of the biggest mistakes that an organization can make. The goal of a job ad is to get qualified job seekers excited about the opportunity of working for your company and convince them to apply for the job. 

Be positive about the opportunity and check your job ad tone. Generally, you want to match this to your corporate culture. Be authentic, but be interesting. Your ad should engage and possibly even entertain the job seeker compelling them to read the whole thing. 

That's right. the job ad is about convincing the job seeker how gratifying it would be to work for your company and how significant the opportunity will be for their career. 

Before posting your newly written job ad, review it one last time. Is there anything in the ad that might be confusing? Ask yourself, if I read this ad as a job seeker, would it make me excited to apply for the job? And finally, what questions might the job seeker have after reading this ad that could stop them from applying right away?