5 New startups hitting the Austin tech scene

Another month means another roundup of freshly launched Austin startups. This month’s announcements include a diverse collection of companies ranging from data privacy plugins to restaurants with augmented reality baseball games. Check out who is new to the scene.


Have you ever shopped online for furniture and wondered what a piece would look like in your home? Wonder no more. Subvrsive, an Austin-based VR, AR and 360 video production startup, launched Lens.io last week to make your dreams a reality, augmented reality. The new platform offers brands and agencies the ability to develop their own AR experiences without requiring users to open an app. Instead, you can engage directly with AR content in the browser. Subvrsive is a full-service VR company based in Austin, TX, laser-focused on creating impactful Virtual Reality experiences for our customers. Living on the edge of VR technology they deploy custom camera and audio solutions tailored to each particular project’s requirements.



Austin serial entrepreneur Arlo Gilbert’s newest venture, Osano, launched out of stealth mode the first week of March with a $3 million seed funding from a handful of local investors. The startup offers a free browser plugin that evaluates privacy models from websites and service providers so users can have a better idea of where their personal data is going. Called Privacy Monitor, the tool assigns an individual score that pops up while on a website that’s based on data from thousands of online privacy policies. Osano's platform utilizes ML to provide users with insights regarding data sharing.


Home Run Dugout

Using our patent-pending batting bay and advanced ball-tracking technology, Home Run Dugout incorporates games, stats, and a safe, social setting for players of all skill levels. You'll love it, your friends will love it, your family will love it... even your dog will love it, even if he's not 100% sure why everyone's so excited.

Following a $2 million seed investment and a few years of planning, Home Run Dugout is gearing up to open its first indoor baseball and eatery concept. Like Top Golf but for baseball, Home Run Dugout provides competitive baseball games using augmented reality and proprietary pitching technology. Its first site will be at Dell Diamond in Round Rock Texas and is set to open next month.



Daily practice app Wellbody launched last month to make health and wellness coaching more accessible for people ready to make positive lifestyle changes. The platform includes guided, holistic audio sessions that focus on the five pillars of health: nutrition, exercise and movement, sleep, stress management, and connection. Brandon Miranda, a former tech leader from Bazaarvoice and Sparefoot, and partner Lori Miranda, a certified health and wellness coach and nutrition consultant, co-founded Wellbody, which is now available on Google Play and App Store.

Health Coaching to help guide you on making healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. Health coaches help you set goals, create a plan to achieve those goals, and provide support along the way so you stay on track.



Digital real estate brokerage startup Jovio officially launched its home search marketplace a couple weeks ago for Austin homebuyers. Interested buyers can see real-time listings, receive updates to house statuses, schedule tours and take advantage of price rebates exclusively offered through Jovio. Jovio was founded in Austin in 2017. Before Marketplace, the company launched Seller Dashboard, which equips homeowners with an all-in-one platform for the home selling process. Next up, Jovio plans to expand Marketplace to Houston.